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The Super Moshi Secret Code is an alphabet based code that is used among Super Moshis ranks to write messages containing important information. Commonly, Elder Furi uses this code on The Daily Growl when there is a new Super Moshi Mission

In Season 1 Mission 6: Super Moshiversity Challenge, the Super Moshi needs to use the code to pass one of the tasks.

In the events right before Super Weapon Showdown, Roary Scrawl received a secret coded messages on his doorstep and has access to how to translate it.

In Season 2 Mission 2: Sandy Drain Shenanigans, Super Moshi uses the code to get an EPICS in Simon Growl's security box. The signs are the code which spell "EPIC".

In Katsuma Unleashed, Super Moshi Secret Codes were hidden in various locations. If one was to memorise and enter the code into the secret code section in the game, various cheats and easter eggs would unlock, such as all Rox turning into fruit, and an unlockable skin for Katsuma.

The Glumps are mining liquid Rox at the Fiery Castle to fuel the Super Weapon

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