Super Moshiversity is a university in the Swooniverse that all people who are currently or wish to become Super Moshis attend. Some great known Super Moshis are Elder Furi, and the game's main antagonist, Dr. Strangeglove, attended there hitherto becoming a villain. Season 1: Mission 6: Super Moshiversity Challenge took place here.

Super Moshiversity has a large clocktower, an observatory, and dormitories for the students to stay in. Besides in the mission of the almost-namesake, it was mentioned by Elder Furi when he describes Season 1: Mission 7: 20,000 Leagues Under the Fur to you. The only other time was in the photo (see below) in which you see Elder Furi and Dr. Strangeglove in front of the entrance to Super Moshiversity at their graduation.

Super Moshiversity Challenge


Super Moshiversity plays an important role in Super Moshi Mission 6, where your monster is sent by Elder Furi. The "headmaster" at the school turned out to be playing an organ every night which would hypnotize the students so that they would partially destroy the Super Moshiversity. Most likely, the headmaster is part of C.L.O.N.C., not really the headmaster, and sent by Strangeglove to wreak havoc. The headmaster is actually more than one Glump stuffed into a long coat.

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