Super Moshlings are a Moshling type that was introduced in version 2.3 of Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt. Super Moshlings are added onto existing sets, bringing the total number of Moshlings in sets to 5.

Super Moshlings are enclosed in 'super-tough' Super Moshing Eggs. Once all four original members of a Moshling set are obtained, a fossilized Super Moshling Egg is added to the Moshling Zoo. With the help of the Bumbletron 9000 Deluxe and one golden spoon, the Super Moshling Egg can be hatched, completing the set once more. They are seemingly Moshling counterparts to Super Moshis; each Moshling wears a cape and holds an item. Each time a fossilized Super Moshi egg is added and each time a Super Moshling is hatched out, a Super Moshling jingle will play. Said jingle sounds similar to Super Moshi March. Super Moshlings can also be identified that each time you tap on them, their animations have a unique jingle to go with it. Each of their jingles (excluding a few of them like Captain Peck and Snort Jr.) has a few notes from the Super Moshling jingle at the end of their animation and the instrument changes for each Moshling who has it.

There are a total of 42 current Super Moshlings.

List of Super Moshlings