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Talking Poppet app logo
Daahling, it's simply magical!
Talking Poppet is an app for Android and iOS devices. It was released on 2/14/2014 worldwide in App Stores. It is similar to the popular Talking Friends app but features Poppet instead.


The Daily Growl

Hey, Everyone! My TALKING POPPET app lets Monster fans think pink by getting closer to me and my Moshling friends than ever before!

  • Love drawing? Me too! Let's make some art! 
  • Feed, tickle, and bathe me!
  • Exploring my Moshling Garden and meet my Moshling pals!
  • I love jumping into your photos to strike a pose!
  • Lets make our voices sound silly with wacky Moshi voices!

App Store


Talk to Poppet and she’ll repeat in her own funny voice! You can also poke, tickle and interact with her to bring her to life! 

Explore the Fun Room, do a photo shoot or have a boogie in the Disco!

  • Talk to Poppet and she’ll repeat in her own funny voice!
  • Feed, tickle & bathe Poppet.
  • Let Poppet pose in your photos!
  • Give Poppet her pencil & watch her draw.
  • Watch Poppet dance to her favourite music!
  • Explore the magical Moshling Garden.
  • Play with 8 hilarious Moshling voices.


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