Taylor Miffed is a famous Monster in Moshi Monsters and a parody of American country and pop singer Taylor Swift.

Her only known song, "Bread to Toast", appears in The Underground Disco (Game).


Bread to Toast (pun on "Picture to Burn")

Taylor Miffed - Bread to Toast


After Wrongway East stole her thunder at the Growliwood Music Awards, she's been miffed ever since!
C'mon y'all and say howdy to the hottest country singer ever to warble her way across Monstro City. Prettier than a pan of grits, Taylor first hit the headlines when she won a banjo plucking contest in her hometown of Mashville. Lucky for her, country legend Dolly Pumpkin was one of the judges and she signed her up on the spot. Yee-hah!
When she's not winning awards, appearing on the cover of Strolling Bone magazine or guesting on Monster Idol, this cute little songstress enjoys collecting Magical Mules, which she keeps on her huge ranch down in Whoop 'n' Holler Valley. Not bad for a lil' old country monster!


Biscuits and gravy.


Tall buildings and tarmac.



  • Her hometown, Mashville, is based off the town of Nashville, the place Taylor Swift would move to in order to pursue her dreams.
    • Miffed, much like her real-life counterpart, originated with a country music-based career.

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