The Beast is a large angler-fish creature that lives at the bottom of the waters surrounding Music Island, where she lives with Octopeg, Roberto and his clam brothers.

Due to McScruff throwing the steering wheel off of the Gooey Galleon as some sort of prank, Super Moshi had to retrieve it at the bottom of the ocean. The wheel had landed in the nose of the Beast, but it didn't seem to bother her. However disturbing her and removing it was dangerous as she is very aggressive.

Octopeg adviced you to put her to sleep, firstly fixing her music box. Playing the music box makes the Classico Clams sing along which made the Beast presumably go into a deep slumber. However this was not the case as she soon wake up when the wheel was removed and chased Super Moshi up to the surface, biting at them in the progress. Eventually escaping her, she most likely returned to her home.


Very aggressive to approach, she has a need for rest around her and has a love for classical music. She is not bothered by Octopeg or his excessive gaming in front of her cave.

Celinechoo mermaid key
The Music Box plays a segment of the Swan Lake, a famous Russian ballet. It has a very detailed design and seemed to be looked after well, but it was broken in separate pieces when Super Moshi came to their lair.


The Beast is designed after an angler-fish, a deep sea fish with a lamp antenna and a lower jaw with long teeth. The lamp antenna Beast has is a light bulb with a wire connected to it; humor to make it seem man-made and thus fake and non-threatening. Her eyes expand out of her head. Al thought we never see her entire body, it is most likely it isn't much longer as Angler fish are shaped like that.


  • In "Escape the Beast!!" it is actually not possible to be gobbled, nor is it found in the files. Any bite make Super Moshi float up, evading it.
  • She was referred to as "she" by Octopeg in the mission. "It" pronouns were used in Music Island Missions: Masters of the Swooniverse.


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