The Daily Growl's first post by Roary Scrawl was near the end of the year of 2007, on 21 December. It makes promises for the next year. This is the only post still in the year of 2007 and is therefore included with 2008's coverage.

Agony Ant is introduced and makes her debut. Roary Scrawl declares several holidays.

Two animation shorts are released. The Daily Growl's coverage on those provided names for the monster characters featuring in it. Beryl the Luvli, Huck the Furi, Morton the Diavlo and Frogger the Zommer.


  • 21 December 2007[1]


Colonel Catcher gets a cold[2] Colonel Catcher has caught a cold (to explain that Flutterby Field was not yet released).

This was promised a post before it, describing the game as "our new eco-friendly mini game".


Declaration of Holidays


Roary declares holidays.

"Here ye all netizens of Monsto City. In absence of a Mayor, Roary Scrawl has declared the following two official holidays (bank holidays if you're in the EU)"

  • March 13th, Growly Grub Day
  • April 10th, Roy G. Biv Day (formerly "Rainbow Day" - ROYGBIV = Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet, the colours of the rainbow).
Roxie the Roarker's Personal Best


Prior to have been given her current name, supposedly Dizzee Bolt was called "Roxie the Roarker".
Online Safety


Prior to have been given a name, Bjorn Squish and Ken Tickles were interviewed by Roary Scrawl asking about online safety.
Agony Ant


Agony Ant joins the Moshi Monsters team as the new advice columnist.


  • March 2008 - Eve L. Chomper is introduces as a character, who supposedly causes the Flutterby Field to glitch. X










Farrrrther and Mother Twistmas!


The winning designs of Mother Twistmas and Father Twistmas are revealed.


  • Characters in Moshi Monsters are interviewed and described prior to having a name.
  • Several posts have broken coding, such as comma signs beign replaced with question marks. There are a view only partly visible.



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