Only the best stunt riders get to wear these jackets.
— Green Penguin

The Freezy Riders are a gang of Stunt Penguins in Moshi Monsters, and are the self-proclaimed best stunt riders in the whole of Monstro City. Their names are unknown and due to appearing in one mission not much is known about them. They are generally impatient as a whole and act harshly to others in order to maintain their ego, and rarely show their emotions and true feelings due to this (they see potential in Peppy but do not show it clearly).



Hush, snowman!
— Short Blue Penguin to Tomba.

The Freezy Riders have a disliking for Tomba due to them being friends with Peppy and thus making it harder for the Riders to get Peppy on their side. In the process they disregard Tomba and do not refer to them as their real name, rather as "snowman". Their plan eventually fails, as Peppy chooses her best friend Tomba over the Riders.


There's no way I'd choose you guys over my best friend.
— Peppy to the Riders.

The Freezy Riders approach Peppy and Tomba after they finish making ice sculptures and mock Peppy's ability to stunt ride. She is too busy being excited over their presence and goes directly to their club to seek membership. They make her endure various challenges of which she with the help of Tomba cheat through until she partakes in the "SUPER FRENZY FUN-OMENAL STUNT" and succeeds, allowing her to become a member. However, due to the Riders' impatient and harsh attitude, Peppy declines and spends time with Tomba instead.


  • Peppy was once offered a place in The Freezy Riders.
    • She declined when they started to be mean to her friend, Tomba.
  • Although the small penguin without a jacket lacks one, they are apparently still considered a "best stunt rider".
  • To join the gang you have to perform their "SUPER FRENZY FUN-OMENAL STUNT".

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