The Gatekeeper's Holiday is a story that was published in Issue 60 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine.



Blurp the Batty Blowfish was bobbing past the Volcano when he came across the Gatekeeper. The giant statue was looking more miserable than ever.

"What's the matter with you?" Blurp asked.

"I need a holiday," the Gatekeeper replied. "It's years since I've had a break. 1,748 years to be precise!"

"Can't you take a few days off?" asked Blurp.

"Nooo!" wailed the Gatekeeper. "I need to guard the Volcano, and make sure that only the Super-Moshis get into their secret base."

"Wow! This is the Super-Moshi's secret base?!" Blurp gasped.

The Gatekeeper realised that he'd said too much. "Er, no," he said. "Who told you that?"

Blurp frowned. "Um, I can't remember." Like all Batty Blowfishes, Blurp had a dreadful memory.

But just then, an idea struck him. "Why don't I stand guard until you get back," he said.

"Are you sure?" the gatekeeper asked.

"Of course," Blurp replied. "How difficult can it be?"

"You'll have to remember the secret password," the GateKeeper told him. "And promise not to let anyone into the Volcano in case they know it."

"I can do that!" promised Blurp.

"Fantastic!" said the Gatekeper, and whispered the password into Blurp's ear. "Are you sure you can remember that?"

Burp nodded. "You can rely on me."

"Thank you!" cheered the Gatekeeper and disappeared in a puff of magic. "See you in a week's time!"

Soon, Super-Katsuma rushed up. "I need to get into the Volcano," he said.

"Tell me the secret password," Blurp said, swelling with importance.

Super-Katsuma scratched his head. "Is it 'ELDER FURI'?" he asked.

Blurp frowned. "Er, I don't think so."

"What about 'MOSHIS RULE'?"

"That doesn't sound right," Blurp said.

A week later the Gatekeeper returned from holiday to find all the Super-Moshis arguing with Blurp.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"It's Blurp!" said Super-Diavlo. "We keep giving him passwords, but he keeps saying they're the wrong ones! We've been stuck out here for a week!"

Blurp looked shamefaced. "I've forgotten what the real password is," he admitted.

The Gatekeeper started laughing. "You really are a Batty Blowfish. The password was 'DON'T FORGET THE PASSWORD!' I didn't think even you could forget that!"


  • In this story, Blurp's species is wrongly identified as "Batty Blowfish" instead of "Batty Bubblefish".

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