How important was this gungy custard catastrophe? It's only THE most devastating occurrence in Monstro City history!
— Cap'n Buck, Annual 2014

The Great Custard Flood of 99999.5 was a natural disaster that has caused the loss and ruin of cultural heritage and destruction of Moshling habitats.

The fiction treats it similar to the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event (The comet which impact on the earth's surface made dinosaurs go extinct) and the Ice Age, as creatures from those eras are recalled before the Custard Flood event.


Moshi Monsters

Wuzzle's biography regarding the Wandering Wumples species reads:

"These ancient Moshlings have been roaming the world of Moshi looking for somewhere to settle ever since the Great Custard Flood of 99999.5. I've studied countless books in an attempt to locate their lost village but I fear it is probably buried under lashings of solidified custard."

Jessie's biography reads:

"Ginger McMoshlings look a bit like mini Jabbersauruses- ancient the creatures that roamed the world of Moshi before the Great Custard Flood"

Tessa's biography only has a small mention of the ancient Custard-ese language, which Buster mentioned in his study of the Shooting Stars species. It reads

"It's just a shame they communicate by twinkling and making swishy harp noises that only they understand. Many moons ago I attempted to translate this strange language as I thought it might be similar to ancient Custard-ese."

The Great Moshling Egg

Buster Bumblechops says The Great Moshling Egg was thought to be lost forever after The Great Custard Flood of 99999.5. What importance the egg has related to this event is unknown, as there are heaps of similair eggs deeper in the temple where the Great Moshling Egg was kept in.

Official Annual 2014

Narrated by Captain Buck E. Barnacle

"Very few monsters can remember firsthand the day that Mount Eggiecrest erupted, spilling yellow ooze in all directions. It glooped into the ocean! It gunged into the valleys! The custardy stuff even slimed its way through the streets, smothering everything ago, every Moshi history book records the date in big letters. If it wasn't for the hardworking Titchy Trundlebots turning up to rebuild the place, Monstro City would still be a soggy custard swamp today."


In the Moshi Monsters Magazine comics, Gurgle had an adventure during the Big Birdie Bash in Fluttertown, the long-lost tree village beneath Lake Inferior, home to the Birdies before said custard flood and preserved in a giant custard air bubble. They were chased by sabre-toothed splatterpillars before Gurgle used a magic wand to get them back home.

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