Moshi Monsters - The IGGY Chomp - Official Music Video HD01:30

Moshi Monsters - The IGGY Chomp - Official Music Video HD

The I.G.G.Y. Chomp, (typed as "IGGY" for title limitation) is a song about I.G.G.Y. and their unstoppable gluttony.



Hey IGGY, whatcha doing?
IGGY, oh IGGY, woah IGGY

IGGY, have you seen my..?
Pixels, Schnitzels,
Pumpernickles, Tickley Pickles

Oh IGGY! Quit munching my
Eye Pie, Sludge Fudge,
Key Rings, Gross Things,
Chair Legs, Clothes Pegs

C'mon IGGY, lay off my
Flip Flops, Gum Drops,
Old Socks, Your Rox,
Fish Heads, Short Breads

IGGY! Have you eaten my..?
Roly Poly, Guacamole, Cheese All Holey
No IGGY! Stop eating everything!

IGGY, oh IGGY, woah IGGY
C'mon IGGY, Enough already!
IGGY, oh IGGY, woah IGGY

IGGY, you're eating too much!
Custard, Mustard,
Trumpets, Crumpets,
Teapots, Fly Swats

No IGGY! Not my
Gooberry Muffin, Onion Stuffing,
Flapjacks, Backpacks
Frozen Peas See, Lemon Squeezy
Quite Uneasy, Feelling Queasy! / Oh no, IGGY! You're gonna burst!


  • The intro is a parody of the movie Jaws, the link being hazardous consumption.


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