Snoodle Sun

The Moshi Sun (also known as Sunny McFunny) is the sun of the world of Moshi Monsters. Always present in the sky and on the overworld map, it has played major roles in both Season 1 as Season 2 of the Super Moshi Missions as the prime plot device.

It has a singing role in Mr. Snoodle's music video, Do the Doodle! where it got establishment as a character. Without this getup, the Sun never gets a speaking role granted.

C.L.O.N.C. attempted to destroy the Sun in Season 1: Mission 10: Super Weapon Showdown. Later on, in Season 2: Mission 10: Cosmic Countdown, their solar power was used to heat up Mount Sillimanjaro, in an attempt to flood Monstro City.

In MopTop Mischief, they appear with a green nose.


They have been portrayed varied within the franchise, in both appearance and how they act around said appearance. In Do The Doodle they have a more suave approach to their more "masculine" read appearance and is also the first time it has direct interaction with characters below in which they react to it. In Season 1 and 2, they seem sort of befuddled of all that unfolds, possible due to their inability to stop it. In the movie they were saddened when Mr. Snoodle has supposedly fallen to their death, expressed with near crying expression as they functioned as the horizon.



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