The Z Factor
The Z Factor is a Monstro City singing contest. So far it has had 9 known seasons and Simon Growl is the only known judge.

The Z Factor is a parody of the real-life show, The X Factor, however in the music video Sneezing Channels, the X factor is parodied as the M factor instead, where the judges are all Sneezing Pandas

Zoshlings record deal

In Season 2: Mission 10, Simon Growl said he would give the Zoshlings a 7-record deal as he was overwhelmed by their harmonic singing. In Moshi Mag issue #51, Simon says he signed the Zoshlings for The Z Factor because "they weren't great, they were out of this world amazingly goopendous", that he introduced them to "Binitta" who has been helping them with their dance moves and also stated that he will be writing their future songs.

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