Treasure Trove Trials: Shocks, Crocs and Rox is/was an upcoming book series, supposedly additional fiction to enrich and expand the world of Moshi Monsters, such as the Monstrous Biographies and Music Island books do. The first installment is called "new series fiction 1" but this seems to be more of a code than a first parter title.

Publisher Puffin Books claims the release date to have been "July 3rd 2014" while all other sources claim it to have been "December 3rd 2015".

Description (new series fiction 1)

This will be the first book in a brand new fiction series featuring the best-loved characters from the wonderful world of Moshi Monsters. This will be the perfect reading experience for millions of fans already logging in daily to look after their Moshi Monsters.

First in a new series featuring the best-loved characters from the popular world of Moshi Monsters, including Elder Furi, Tamara Tesla, Simon Growl and Captain Squirk. Ages: 7+. *Also appeared in May 14 Buyer's Notes*

  • Publisher : Puffin
  • Date of Publication : 03 July 2014/December 2015
  • Format : Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780141353791
  • Size : 129 x 198mm
  • Pages : 160



  • The additional description that mentions part of the cast was only found in the synopsis of the Guardian Bookshop website.

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