Trixie the Colour-changing Fish is a character in Moshi Monsters, which lives in The Underground Tunnels.


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You won't catch this fascinating fish floating in Potion Ocean because Trixie prefers to swim in sludgy-green slime streams! Somewhat of a rare breed, she loves feeding on all sorts of strange algae and funny ferns that stick to the banks of The Underground Tunnel slime-ways.
Fishie on film
Swimming slowly past the doors to The Underground Disco, cute little Trixie often poses for the parades of paparazzi.
Rainbow fish
Trixie is able to change her scales to match any colour of the rainbow. In fact, you'll often find her hanging out wherever rainbows appear, so she can test out her technicoloured transformation talents!
Data file
Habitat: Slime streams of The Underground Tunnels.
Catchphrase: "I can see a rainbow!"
Likes: Blowing bubbles and changing colour.

  • Blubbery lips for gobbling algae
  • Fin for waving at fans
  • Always keeping an extra eye out for rainbows.


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Native to the slime streams of The Underground Tunnels, Trixie enjoys nibbling at algae growths and fickle ferns. This rare breed of fish can change its colour to match any in the rainbow, and therefore spends her time wherever rainbows gather.


  • She got her name, Trixie, due to her three eyes.
  • Her interactive animation does not include her colour changing abilities.
  • Her quote is perhaps referencing the rainbow-coloured streams of water coming out of pipes to the far left of The Underground Disco.



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