Tutti Frutti is a character in Moshi Monsters and is a member of the Ice Scream Hoodoos. He appears in Gustbusters: Part 2, along with Obi Banoffi and Little Chief Two Scoops.


Wafery headgear (with extra sprinkles) makes this incredibly cute Ice Scream Hoodoo a sitting target for greedy Birdies. Thankfully Tutti Frutti has found a way to frighten off those Pilfering Toucans - he dunks his wafers in piri pilchard sauce before putting them on his head. Eww!
Awopbop Aloobop (don't ask!) and popping candy.
Plinkity nursery rhymes and rough tongues.


  • In the SWF files he was referred to as "Pinko"
  • He shares his NPC files with Kook


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