Issue 24 moshi twistmas cd

Twistmas With Strangeglove is a track on a CD that came with Issue 24 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine to celebrate Twistmas. It features a radioplay piece by Rocko and Dr. Strangeglove in which Dr. Strangeglove opposes to get into the Twistmas Spirit although his letter to Santa implies otherwise.

Twistmas With Strangeglove

Rocko: On the first day of Twistmas my-
Dr. Strangeglove: Fishlips? Fishlips?! Is that you, you brainless blob of squishyness?
Rocko: Eh, no boss, it's me, Rocko.
Dr. Strangeglove: Rocko, you sickening snaggletooth slob. Where have you been?
Rocko: I've been getting into the Twistmas spirit, doc. You should try it.
Dr. Strangeglove: Twistmas?! Don't be ridiculous. Arch criminals don't celebrate Twistmas and neither do Glumps!
Rocko: Yeah-ok-ye-uh...hey boss? What's that letter by the fireplace?
Dr. Strangeglove: Uhh..i-it's nothing, just a b-bl-blueprint, give it-give it back!
Rocko: "Dear Santa.."
Dr. Strangeglove: Give it-Rocko!
Rocko: "I have been very good this year so I would like a Glumpatron 11000 Deluxe"
Dr. Strangeglove: Rocko?! Rocko!
Rocko: "a new Glump"
Dr. Strangeglove: Give me-Rocko! Rocko!
Rocko: "some moustache wax"
Dr. Strangeglove:"Give me that! Give me the note!"
Rocko: "a hat stach, hehehe..."
Dr. Strangeglove:"Rocko!? Come baaaaaaack!!"

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