Tyra's Spa

Tyra's Spa is a location on Ooh La Lane owned by Tyra Fangs which replaced Gabby's Café. Clicking on the door loads a game which shares the same name. In the game you choose one of the Monsters to play as. You then give them a makeover which includes: cleaning, tweezing, and blowdrying. It opened on September 27, 2011. You do not earn any Rox in this game.


  • The You're A Superstar! gift cameos in this game via an advertisement on the magazine one of the Monsters read.



1: Tweeze

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 1.11.30 PM

2: Soap:

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 1.11.50 PM

3: Mud:

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 1.12.05 PM

4: Relax:

Tyra's spa relax

5: Rinse:

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 1.12.28 PM

6: Blow Dry:

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 1.12.47 PM

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