The Unknown Zone is an area on Music Island within the Gombala Gombala Jungle in Moshi Monsters, which appears in Season 2 Super Moshi Missions, as the place where the Rhapsody 2 had crash landed.

Frogestras (frog + orchestra) are musical Frogs that live in this part of the jungle. They are part of the formula to attract CocoLoco, along with the Saxoak Tree, Marimba, and the Bongonium Flowers.

Music Island1


The Unknown Zone, named as such as it is the crash site of the UFO Rhapsody 2, is an area in Gombala, right next to Hoodoo Central. It has many verdant trees circling the crash site, and what seems to be a volcano in the far distance, noticeable in the top right corner of the area's view.

Take Hoodoo Lantern, Unknown Zone very dark, you need light!


Main article: Moshipedia

For somewhere called the Unknown Zone, everyone seems to know where it is! It's where the Zoshling spaceship Rhapsody 2 crash-landed.

Southavocado Jungle


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