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Uptown Fifi is a song about Fifi that was released in the Moshi TV Show in December 2012. In the beginning of February 2013, it was uploaded on the Moshi Monsters Official YouTube Channel. A week later, it was shown on The Daily Growl.

It features in the second Moshi Music album, The Movie Soundtrack, but does not appear in the movie.


Fifi is shown snuffing in a jacket, throwing out the wallet and picks up the credit card. Before leaving, she check if Bubba is looking and frightenedly attempts to sneak off. Bubba jumps up, only shown as a shadow hovering over her. He scolds her and she drops everything to run off. As soon as she hits the sidewalk, she puts her nose in the air and strolls off.

She encounters many Moshlings who try to woo her but none of them manages to impress her. Scrumpy presents her a Fablo Fiasco painting, Humphrey tries to attract her with a Traditional Turkoy, Mini Ben attempts to surprise her with a Jack in the Box, Rocky just shows her a rock and Pocito strikes a few poses. Nothing that could bother Fifi. But what's that? A cute pup balancing a bone? Next shot, McNulty is proudly parading along new found love, who was given the bone. You would totally forget just a few moment earlier you were running from-Oh, woops, there he is. Style change or not, run for it. On rooftops, in building, in pits, who cares? The end.

The video's animation is made to resemble silent film of the late 1920s. After Bubba encounters the couple, the style switches to 8-bit, creating both a contrast between old and new, and also both styles being the earliest version of such styles. The only thing in colour during the silent film parts, which takes up most of the video, is the heart clip Fifi wears in her hair. During their bone balance, McNulty is grey, but after being chosen by Fifi, they regain regular colours while the rest of their surroundings do not.


Moshi Monsters - Uptown Fifi! - The Official Music Video01:54

Moshi Monsters - Uptown Fifi! - The Official Music Video


Moshi movie soundtrack booklet Page 06

Hey! Fifi! Where do you think you're hightailin' it off to lookin' like that?
Fifi?! Why I outta...

Oh its Fifi!

She looking pretty glitzy
Feeling kinda ditsy
Putting on the ritz see
Ooh la la!

Fifi! (Look at you!)
Oh, it's Fifi! (What d'ya do?)

Acting like the bees knees
Thinking you're the big cheese
Oochie Poochie Enchanté!

See her promenading around the park
Quaffing, vintage, bubbly, it's such a lark
Sosphisticated, highly-rated
Easily persauded, tally-ho!

In spite of her politeness, she's hot to trot
Hold the old Balony, where's your yacht?
Coming up rosey, everything goes see
Fifi, oh she's jolly swell!

Oh it's Fifi!

She looking pretty glitzy
Feeling kinda ditsy
Putting on the ritz see
Ooh la la!

Fifi! (Look at you!)
Oh it's Fifi! (What d'ya do?)

Acting like the bees knees
Thinking you're the big cheese...
One, two, three, here we go!


Pah pah dah loobeedee boo
A ram tam too tam toodeleedoo
A ram tam ting tam peeladam pam pam rap


  • The joke of the song's title is likely that Fifi "acts Uptown" but her living conditions are more "Downtown".
  • A throwback to this song was made in The Great Moshling Egg, not only in explicitly pasting scenes of it on main street but also by the fact that Fifi is under protection and "ownership" of Bubba the Bouncer. He shows much more consideration for her in the movie.
  • Lummox is said to have a liking in Fifi, and would be more logical to feature among the Moshlings who try to impress Fifi. But this video was roughly released a year before Lummox was available in the Zoo.


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