Vernon the Purple Squeaker Eater is an upcoming, ultra-rare Moshling in the Musos set in Moshi Monsters, resembling an anteater.




Eek! What's that squeak? It's a Purple Squeaker Eater, silly! This good-natured Moshlings just can't stop squeaking. Why? It's all down to the squeaky shrubs that get stuck in their squishy snouts when they go foraging for fluffies, the valuable toadstools that they used to play tiddly-winks in Neon Nook.



Gambling and fast food.


Silly Snufflers and nose-blowing.


  • Vernon features in the Series 10 Figures and was the sixth in the countdown.
  • Vernon's silhouette was first found via a Series 10 silhouette image.
  • Vernon's name and design were first found in a Popjam image from Mr. Moshi.
  • Vernon's visor varies. In the figure it is white, whilst in-game it's pink, and in promotional pictures for Series 10, it's just the strap of the visor.
  • The species "Purple Squeaker Eater" is a pun on Purple People Eater. As Vernon does not resemble the monster as described in looks, aside in being purple, the reference only exists in name.



Series 10 Figures

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