Gift 1
Video Gifts
 are a type of gift in Moshi Monsters, the other being Mystery Gifts. They are short and fun animations which a message can be added to.

They will have to enter the Video Gifts store, where they can then buy and watch the gifts animations for as long as they want.

When they choose one, they will choose a friend from their friends list and if they wish, they can write them a message.

Gift List

  • Congratulations
  • Don't Forget to Check Your Moshling Garden
  • Happy Birthday
  • Have a Great Day
  • Hope You're Feeling Better
  • Kiss
  • Look After Your Monster
  • Pie in Your Face
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Thanks
  • Vampire Bite
  • Welcome To Monstro City
  • Will You Be My Valentine?
  • You're Cool
  • You're Lovely
  • You Just Got Slopped
  • You're Like Sunshine On a Rainy Day

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