The Walla Walla Watering Hole is a waterfall area in the Gombala Gombala Jungle and was introduced as the habitat of the Woolly Green Hoodoos in Bungle in the Jungle. Purple Bananas grow here and are used to create Hoodoo Stew.

Upon arriving Super Moshi mentions it is very hot.

A watering hole is a pool (or pub) where animals (or people) gather to drink. Natural watering holes are shallow and still, thus it is impossible to create the high waves Green Hoodoos crave.

Southavocado Wheel

The Walla Walla Water Monument is either the giant stone tower carved as a Hoodoo or the dial on land which depicts a Hoodoo. The tower's "mouth" emits a waterfall that, according to Kook, keeps the water high so that they can surf all year round. The waterfall is deactivated when all the stones are placed correctly into the dial on land, meaning it is connected to it as a switch. Therefor the monument can be both the tower and switch together.

The houses Green Hoodoos live in are afloat on their lake. If this lake is also the area where they surf has not been touched upon. Only (supposedly) Green Hoodoo Honcho's home is "docked" on land.


Home to Woolly Green Hoodoos and supposedly visisted to all the Gombala inhabitans as it is a wateringhole. As coconut shells are a sacred item, Green Hoodoos might have a similar relationship to Naughty Nutters as Blue Hoodoos.

S2M3 Walla Walla Watering Hole


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