Wavey Davey the Resident Greeter is a mushroom in Moshi Monsters, like Art Lee who happens to be his friend.

Davey is a normal mushroom with a purple body and pink head but is different from the others as, hence his name, he waves a lot.


Character Encyclopedia

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Wave hello to Wavey Davey whose favourite way to pass the day is waving to each and every monster in Monsro City! He wore out his best arm, waving like a manic Moahi waving machine, but cheerful chappy Davey ate plenty of wholesome Green, did lots of working out and is back to his happy, careful waving ways.

Well, hello there!
It's not surprising to hear that gesturing gent Davey loves congratulatory Mexican waves, high fives and all kinds of cheery hellos and gracious goodbyes. So when you meet him next, be sure to give him a wave or two!!

Stand on me
Davey is best buddies with Underground Tunnel graffiti artist Art Lee. He's always ready to lend a hand, or even head, to his picture painting pal.

Side notes

  • Wavey Davey has a happy head full of 'Hello's.
  • His catchphrase is "Hello there!"
  • He is often spotted waving away the days.


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Waving to everyone and everything in Monstro City is Wavey Davey's favourite pastime. After wearing out his best arm, he ate plenty of Green, built it back up and has resumed to a happy status of waving it proudly. He enjoys high-fives, down-lows, too-slows, and all variations of hellos.


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