Ah! You have the clue! The one eyed purple one, told me to give you this should I be presented with such a clue.
Wobblesan is a purple Monster in Moshi Monsters and is the Hong Bong relative of the well known Monstro City shopkeeper, Snozzle Wobbleson.

His only appearance was in Lost in Hong Bong- Mini Mission, Lost in Hong Bong in January 2013. ( In November 2013, Lost in Hong Bong can be replayed as it is a Moshi Classic.)


Main article: Lost in Hong Bong

Super Moshi arrives at Hong Bong with the Gooey Galleon Gang when the festivities of Hong Bong New Year are full in swing. On the sides of the docks, oddly removed from the celebrations and aware of it, peers Wobblesan's stall of lanterns. He only sells his good for gold coins. When handing him the first clue you got, Wobblesan riddles you to find a clue on something Welcoming. Only when being presented with that clue, that mentions to talk to Wobblesan, will Wobblesan give you the final clue. He was ordered as such by Cap'n Buck. Putting the clues together, it asks you to switch on the lanterns in a certain order.

Upon doing so, butterflies that were sitting on Wobblesan's desk fly away to reveal Buck on his ship within a tiny bottle. Buck asks you to help him with this. Why he didn't do so straightforward and what part Wobblesan even played in this remains uncertain.

Personality & Habits

Wobblesan seems to share a liking to creating a mystery similarly to Cap'n Buck. He only provides as much information as he sees fit, works with riddles and makes you fill in the blanks.


Wobblesan uses Snozzle Wobbleson's base but is purple with red eyes. He appears as stereotypical Chinese caricature with his Fu Manchu moustache and a rice hat that happens to be red. His name ends in -san, which is a Japanese equivalent of "Mr.", making him Mr. Wobble. It should however not be part of his actual name and should be spelled Wobble-san.


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