Zoinks is a character in Moshi Monsters who was the first introduced Ghost. He lives in Goosebump Manor and became a shopkeeper once he opened Rare & Scare.


He's been making mischief in the Haunted House for as long as any Moshi can remember, but Zoinks has now decided to give shopkeeping a go. When he's not stacking shelves with spooky stuff, this dearly departed troublemaker can be found playing poltergeisty pranks with customers and woo-wooing through walls. Glow in the dark larks? You betcha!


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This mischief-maker decided to give shopkeeping a go! When he's not stacking shelves with spooky stuff, this dearly departed troublemaker plays poltergeist pranks on customers! Glow in the dark larks? You betcha!


Spooktacular Spectacular

Similarly to Jaunty Jack, he introduces himself being a harmless ghost. He's a rather playful chap, letting you mess around "his" room in search of Vincent Doorface's eye. Zoinks claims the bedroom he occupies in Goosebump Manor to not be his, as Ghosts do not sleep. He does use the room to store his belongings. These belonging include

  • Fumble toy (these feature in a vending machine in Season 2, on the airport of Music Island)
  • Hansel Teddybear, which is most likely supposed to be a Cuddly Moshlings
  • Robot DJ Quack, from the Missing Moshling Egg, that's out of function. Zoinks found it somewhere and stuffed it in a clock.
  • Zoink's cousin, who sits in the flytrap. He has no speaking role but Zoinks comment on his cousin liking mischief too.

Rare & Scare shopkeeper

Zoinks opened the Rare & Scare shop on Halloween 2012, which is located in his home: Goosebump Manor. He sells a variety of spooky Halloween themed items, which also includes items associated with C.L.O.N.C., similarly to the loot from Halloween Island.


  • Due to his behaviour and belongings, Zoinks appears to be a child. This implies he died young of age if ghosts are deceased monsters instead of species of their own.
  • The room Zoinks occupies features a painting of an old-timey dressed Furi. The shop featured a painting of an old-timey dressed Katsuma.
  • The Haunted TV shares its design with Zoinks.
  • Zoinks makes an appearance in the 61st Moshi Magazine, hosting the 'Master Of Moshi' section. 
  • His name probably comes from the well-known catchphrase of Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Doo! 


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