Zommer is a character that appeared in the Moshi Monsters Movie. Along with Poppet, Katsuma, Furi, Luvli (character) and Diavlo, he plays one of the protagonists. He is of the Zommer species.


Zommer is a rather jolly, playful, friendly and carefree character, always keen to discover new things. In the film, he can appear to be very imaginative at times, as his ideas easily impressed the Woolly Blue Hoodoos and easily threw them into applause. However, at times he can seem to be rather dim-witted, as he is easily distracted by his own environment. He is very talented with his guitar, being the charismatic and compelling character that he is, even impressing the likes of Bobbi SingSong.


Zommer has long, thick and unkempt hair in an ominous shade of purple. He has both one bulging eye that always appears to be awake and another missing; there is a rather large hole in its former place. He has two bucked teeth and is clothed in rags. His left arm is identical to that of a human's; a yellow wristband circles around it.

Zommer's skin is soaked in a light blue-sort of colour, which contributes to his seemingly "zombie" look.



Moshi Monsters: The Movie


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